Wednesday 8 March  |  1pm - 4pm | In person
Mo Cap Suite, Confetti HQ

Ace Ruele: Motion Caption Workshop


Creature Character Development For Video Games: Learn character development to apply to video game mechanics (movement designed on for video game animation) in this performance workshop.


Ace Ruele is a creative and entrepreneur within the acting and animation industry.

Starting out as an actor, playing creatures and fantasy characters for AAA film and videogame productions, he transitioned from solely being a performer to providing character development services through his company Creature Bionics. Creature Bionics is a character production company that provides services for creature and fantasy character performance. The company has provided services for Marvel, Sony, BBC, Amazon Studios, CIgames and Hazimation.

Check out Ace’s website.

Ace is also hosting a talk during this year’s Industry Week.

Important: Sign-ups are only valid with your Confetti or NTU email. Compulsory group students do not need to book.

This session will take place in the Mo Cap Suite. Students will be invited by their tutor.