Monday 08 March 2021
3pm - 5pm

Aconyte Books Panel Talk

Join a panel talk with one of Nottingham's finest gaming books publisher - Aconyte Books.


Aconyte is the novels division of Asmodee Entertainment, whose slogan “Great games, amazing stories!” is upheld through the creation of new and exciting content.

Marc Gascoigne, lately publisher and managing director of award-winning global sci-fi imprint Angry Robot, along with assistant editor Lottie-Llewelyn-Wells, and publishing coordinator Nick Tyler work together in the company’s new offices in Nottingham, UK.

Aconyte produces paperbacks and ebooks for the US, UK and export markets.

IMPORTANT: Sign ups are only valid with your Confetti or NTU student email address. 

World Anvil

World Anvil is a set of worldbuilding tools that helps create, organise and store your world setting, and market it to the world if you choose!

With wiki-like articles, interactive maps, timelines, family trees, an RPG campaign manager and a full novel-writing software, it has all the tools you’ll need to run an RPG campaign or write your novel!

Husband and wife team Janet Forbes (published author and RPG writer) and Dimitris Havlidis (forever-GM and worldbuilder) launched World Anvil three years ago and have so far built a community of 1.3 million users. Their customers include multi-million dollar video game studios, publishing houses, bestselling authors and professional RPG writers, as well as those who love to worldbuild, game and write for fun!

Chloe Mashiter

Chloe is a game – and theatre – maker, specialising in tabletop gaming and game-based performance.

Her experience includes mega-games (as designer and facilitator), narrative street games (as writer), live-action role-playing games (as designer) and interactive performance (as writer, deviser and performer).

Chloe also works as a professional games master and workshop facilitator on worldbuilding, GM and creating interactive work.

They created original audio game The Last Thing Left whilst resident digital artist at Headlong, and are currently publishing tabletop role-play games as well as coding a text-adventure game for Parabolic Theatre as the basis for a remote interactive show.

Lauren Nepomuceno

Lauren Nepomuceno is the director of communications at XYZ Game Labs, a Chicago-based indie boardgame publishing company.

XYZ Games Labs’ mission is to “invent new gamers” by incorporating intentional designs, anthropology, and market research so that their games are approachable, accessible, user friendly, fun, and thematically niche. Besides making analogue products, Lauren is a digital product owner and business analyst by day who drives, clarifies, and plans product vision and strategy.

Mary Georgescu

Mary Georgescu is a game designer at Exploding Kittens and is the founder of an indie game company called Haiduc.

Over the summer of 2020 she was one of four teams accepted into the 2020 NYU Game Center Incubator for a storytelling card game called Nothing to See Here, currently under contract.

She has an MFA in Game Design from New York University, an MFA in Visual Narrative from The School of Visual Arts, and has a BFA in Fine Art from Long Island University.