Thursday 10 March  |  4pm - 6pm | In person

Dan Mason

Lead Artist

Creating a hero character for film. This talk will shed light on what a creature modeller's role is in high-end film.


Dan will provide a breakdown of how to design and create a hero character for film, including the technical aspects of modelling for a VFX pipeline.

An experienced Lead VFX artist with 14 years under his belt working in the film industry. Dan specialises in many aspects of creature work, including modelling, 3D and 2D concepting, anatomy building, faceshapes, shot sculpting, and texturing.

Important: Sign-ups are only valid with your Confetti or NTU student email address. Compulsory group students do not need to book.

COMPULSORY GROUPS: E211, E212 and E213 to attend in person

This session will take place in Performance2, Metronome.