Tuesday 7 March  |  4pm - 6pm | In person
Venue, Metronome

Dan O’Neill


We're delighted to have acclaimed wildlife television presenter, documentary filmmaker, zoologist, and LGBTQIA+ activist here at Confetti share their tips and insights.


Dan has produced and presented various documentaries, high-profile fashion features, musical collaborations and digital campaigns engaging new audiences in conversations around exploration, conservation and climate change.

In 2021, Dan presented Snow Leopards: Ghosts in the Snow – a four part docu-series for BBC Earth which documented his expedition with the Snow Leopard Trust into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to track down and film the famously shy snow leopard. In 2022, Dan co-presented ‘After We’ve Gone’, a four part docu-series which looked at the way in which nature recovers after humans leave. He also presented ‘Dan O’Neill Investigates’ – where he explored the illegal wildlife trade & animal cruelty in the UK, and how law enforcement are trying to stop it. 

Dan has recently wrapped filming on ‘Giants’ produced by Off The Fence for Curiosity Stream. Billed as epic in scope, the 5-part series will circle the globe to find the biggest beasts to have walked the planet, unlock their evolutionary secrets, and bring their even bigger extinct ancestors back to life with the latest CGI. ‘Giants’ will premiere in 2023.

His next series with Off The Fence, Nature’s Ultimate Survivors, is currently in post production.

Outside of presenting, Dan has worked creatively on a variety of other projects. In 2022, Dan paired up with Grammy award winning musician Imogen Heap to co-create the music behind the ground-breaking new Audible Original podcast, Climate of Change, hosted by Oscar-winning Actress Cate Blanchett. Each track samples wildlife recordings from adventures around the world curated and produced by Dan and woven into music by Imogen. In November 2022, Imogen and Dan released a double-album called Chordata Bytes I & II in-line with COP27 with the music they created for Climate of Change. 

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