Wednesday 9 March  |  10am - 12pm | Online

Daniele Caruso


Talking all things digital illustration and branding! See a masterclass showcase of design pieces created whilst working with multiple notable worldwide brands.


I’m an illustrator that predominantly makes illustrations that can be used for merchandise like T-Shirts, mouse mats, skateboards,etc.  Occasionally I get to work on some full brand projects that combine more design focused aspects like logos. Nearly all of my work is vector. I’ve had experience working purely freelance, for creative agencies, and currently full time for a motorcycle helmet brand called Ruroc with occasional side projects even making a course with Domestika. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some projects for some famous people; Slipknot, Jadon Sancho, Simon Pegg, AJTracey to name a few.

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This session will take place online via Zoom.