Monday 7 March  |  10am - 12pm | Online

Do It For Real – Media

Some of Confetti's most talented alumni are coming back to talk life after graduation, securing a job in the industry and everything they have learnt along the way.


Do It For Real is all about Confetti students getting real industry opportunities whilst studying, to help them get work in the creative industries.

We’ve invited some of Confetti’s top graduates to talk about the industry experience they’ve gained since leaving, and to answer your questions about the creative industries.

Come and listen to the stories of how they got their first break, navigated the tricky moments getting there, and what working life looks like now. Don’t forget to come armed with lots of questions to ask them!

Check out last year’s Do It For Real session on our OnDemand section.

Millan Hart

After graduating from Confetti in 2016, Hart went on to join Creative England and Sky Arts first ShortFLIX cohort before moving on to study at The Northern Film School, training in directing and production roles.

Since then Millan has worked extensively across the midlands and the north, most recently as COVID Floor Supervisor on the upcoming high end drama “Without Sin” for ITV. He is currently working as the 1st Assistant Director for several short films throughout 2022 funded by The BFI and Creative England.

Zara Zabair

 I started my journey in the TV and film industry wanting to be a presenter at Confetti where I was able to meet other creatives and work on projects together and be inspired by each other. Once I graduated I was able to be a freelancer, making video content for clients such as music videos, corporate company ads and comedy sketches. 


Very soon after I finished university I moved to Manchester to hit the “media city” area however it was proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought. I did a bit of freelancing however decided to move back to Nottingham and try out a 9-5 job. 


A year into my job as a team leader for a insurance company I was approached on social media by Radio Faza to be a radio presenter. I was excited and soon realised that my “vlogging” and little bits of filming I was still doing really helped. After a while I was then scouted by Kemet FM on Facebook to present on the Urban Flavaz show. I was slowing getting back into the industry through the power of social media. 


I have now been working at Kemet FM as a radio presenter for over 2 years. I have recently starting a new project with BritAsiaTV to make a short film and I should hopefully be starting a job with Linney Create as a production Co ordinator. These opportunities all came to me by staying consistent on social media and networking.

Max Brown

Max has recently entered the VFX industry as a CG Generalist working for Dupe VFX, a mid-sized studio based in London.

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