Friday 11 March  |  10am - 12pm | In person & online

Entrepreneurship in Games

Bringing together the co-founders of Warlord Games, covering all the business aspects of the gaming industry; from strategy and recruitment, through to sales and marketing.


John Stallard

In October 2007, Stallard set up his own table top games company, Warlord Games. In that time, the company has grown and currently turns over £10m and employs over 100 staff from 20 different countries and exports two thirds of its business.

Warlord Games design, manufacture and distribute table top models all over the world. Stallard’s main job is to set the direction of travel for the company with special emphasis on sales and marketing.

Recruitment is down to Stallard, and he has sales staff in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Italy. The company’s games are principally historical wargames with extensive lines that cover Ancient Egyptian armies through to Korea.

When he’s not overseeing the business, Stallard likes to write; he’s written two books covering the English civil wars and WW2 naval combat, and have just finished a book covering the British army in the Boer wars.

Paul Sawyer

Paul Sawyer is both a co-founder of Warlord Games and also Head of Product Design.

Prior to creating Warlord Games with John Stallard, Paul worked for 14 years at Games Workshop, most notably as the editor of White Dwarf magazine.

Paul works closely with figure designers, artists and miniatures painters whilst the studio team is responsible for the design and production of games, packaging, webstore imagery, etc. as well as ably supporting the sales teams with point of sale and advertising resources.

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