Tuesday 8 March  |  2pm - 4pm | In person

Jeanie Finlay


The award-winning filmmaker will deliver a special workshop on developing documentary ideas, sharing those insider nuggets from her acclaimed Netflix documentary - Game of Thrones: The Last Watch.


Jeanie Finlay is one of Britain’s most distinctive documentary makers. 

She creates award-winning work for cinema and television, telling intimate stories to international audiences.

She has made films for HBO, IFC, BBC as well as four commissions for the acclaimed BBC Storyville strand, including BIFA nominated ‘The Great Hip Hop Hoax’ and BIFA winning ‘Orion:The Man Who Would Be King’.

Check out her portfolio and website.

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COMPULSORY GROUPS: S211, S212 and S213 to attend in person

This session will take place in Performance 2, Metronome.