Tuesday 7 March  |  12pm - 2pm | In person
Performance 2, Metronome

Joe Barnett

Managing Director

Joe Barnett is the founder of Outlook and Dimensions, and a Director of New Bohemia Music LTD, who are responsible for Cross the Tracks, We Out Here and many more festivals. Learn from a key figure in live music about what it takes to build a festival empire, working with elite musicians from around the world, and how to manage events both in the UK and on an international scale


After launching Outlook Festival in Croatia in 2008, festivals were in Joe’s veins and he has gone on to launch over 8 different festival brands across one-day city events, UK camping festivals and international shows.

While a passion for building brands that represent the music and its surrounding culture is at the core of the New Bohemia portfolio, Joe focuses on the growth of the business, the operations of the company and the delivery of
the events.

Joe also holds a seat on the board of the Association of independent Festivals and is an Elevate mentor.

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This session will take place in Performance 2, Metronome. Check ticket availability.