Monday 7 March  |  12pm - 2pm | In person

Kevin Lee

Producer for TSM

After seven years in the esports industry and working as a producer for TSM, Kevin is coming to share all he has learnt (...and some tips and tricks!) with our students.


If someone tells you that they’ve been in the esports industry for seven years, you know they’ve seen a lot.

Despite a low profile, Kevin Lee is a Producer for TSM, one of the world’s leading esports organisations. As one of TSM’s longest tenured employees, Kevin started out as a ghost writer in 2015, playing a supporting role within the company through their exponential growth in the last decade.

He’s worked with many of the biggest personalities in esports, such as Reginald, Myth, Doublelift, Bjergsen, and ImperialHal, playing multiple roles within the company and has seen the industry’s meteoric rise first-hand. Now a tenured employee, Kevin has taken on a role training newcomers and strives to improve the company’s standards as a whole.

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COMPULSORY GROUPS: US21, P211 and P212 to attend in person

This session will take place in Performance3, Metronome.