Tuesday 7 March  |  4pm - 6pm | In person
Performance 2, Metronome

Luke Edwards & John Rogers

Lighting Designer

The lighting designers and operators Luke and John will be delivering an insightful session on how MIDI is used in Jacob Collier’s live show. You’ll get to hear about a typical day in the life of the lighting team, and you’ll get some tips to put into practice to move your career on….one for those who need a ‘light bulb moment’ !


Luke Edwards

After starting in Belgium cleaning cables in a warehouse thinking there has to be more to life than this, Luke moved to back to the UK to pursue a career in touring.

First working as a crew planner for the Olympics, then moving to corporate whilst building touring contacts, he finally started touring with Gary Numan who stayed a valued friend and client for seven years! Gorgon City, Kelis, Rejjie Snow, Jessie J and Jacob Collier all followed!

John Rogers

After a short and ultimately unrewarding career in retail, John persistently appeared wherever the opportunity arose to operate lighting consoles for live music until he knew enough to convince Avolites Ltd to give him a tech support role.

At that point he understood he knew very little and has been building the plane while in the air ever since. After a few years at Avo John decided to technically support his own problems in a freelance capacity and has enjoyed working with a wide variety of acts and projects worldwide across different platforms. It’s all DMX after all.

When not referring to himself in the third person and wrestling imposter syndrome John enjoys the travel his work affords, walks by (or kayaking on) rivers, and being exasperated at the fortunes of his preferred football team.

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COMPULSORY GROUPS: NS22, NS21 to attend in person

This session will take place in Peformance 2, Metronome. Check ticket availability.