Tuesday 09 March 2021
1pm - 3pm

Games Workshop – Matt Toone

Join Matt for insight into what it takes to join Games Workshop.


Matt’s job is helping with the department’s training and development needs, helping the team to

focus on what’s needed. A lot of Matt’s time is also taken up with scouring the planet, looking for

new talent, finding awesome new people to join our expanding team, making the best fantasy miniatures in the world.

He’s spent 15 years in Games Workshop, initially joining the management development team, helping people to become better managers, before going onto managing the Citadel Miniatures Designers themselves.

Before that, he spent 20 years in the NHS, performing roles such as; paediatric critical care nurse, clinical development and working in strategic clinical education projects.

Ultimately, his overriding passion for Warhammer and Citadel Miniatures has driven him to his dream job in his dream industry.