Wednesday 10 March 2021
1pm - 2pm

My HR Hub

Rebecca’s session will allow students interested in working in the games industry to gain insight, tips and advice on how to make their applications stand out and get noticed by recruiters.


Rebecca Bull is the founder and owner of award-winning Nottingham-based HR Consultancy My HR Hub, and unique HR support club My HR Club.

Rebecca has over 25 years’ HR and business management experience and has helped many businesses – including businesses in the creative industries, such as Games Workshop and Speedo International – turn their workplaces into people focused, compliant, engaging, great places to work.

With a career closely intertwined with the games industry – working with companies such as Mantic Games, Warlord Games and Monumental Games – as well as continued involvement with it through My HR Hub, Rebecca has conducted thousands of interviews in the industry and has a deep knowledge of its recruitment and selection process and what recruiters are looking for from applicants.

My HR Hub’s strong roots with the creative industries play an integral part in its strategic partnership with the Creative Industries Federation, a membership body which supports thousands of members across a range of industries, including design, film, TV, crafts, IT, heritage, music, performing arts and publishing.

Having worked within in the games industry as a recruiter and now working with gaming companies as clients of hers, she brings over 25 years of HR experience and insight with her.


Students will come away from the workshop with an understanding of:

Finding a job in the gaming industry

What recruiters in the gaming industry want to see in applications – stand out from the crowd

What recruiters want to hear from applicants going through the recruitment process

How to prepare for an interview in the gaming industry

What research you should be doing before an interview

How to present yourself in interviews

Making the best impression in your interview

What follow-up you should be doing after an interview