Thursday 10 March  |  1.30pm - 2.30pm | In person

Novation Synth Workshop: Synthesis (1.30pm)

Product Specialist

The product specialist will breakdown synthesis using Novation’s flagship synthesiser Summit and the legendary Bass Station II. From the basics to slightly more in-depth discussion, Calc will explain what it is, how it’s used and then demonstrate some of the incredible noises these machines can make.


Chris Calcutt

Chris Calcutt AKA -CALC- is the Product specialist for British synthesizer and Music Tech manufacturer Novation. Chris’s work takes him all over Europe performing, demonstrating and lecturing on all aspects of Music Technology. 

When not traveling Chris works closely in the UK with Novation’s product development team helping shape the future of the company’s products. Chris is also an established electronic musician and often performs live hardware only sets as -CALC- as well as producing in his synth studio cave!

IMPORTANT: This is open to HE Music students. To request a ticket, please email

This session will take place in Studio 3, Metronome.