Monday 8 March  |  10am - 12pm | In person
Performance 3, Metronome


YouTube Creator

Diving into the challenges and realities of YouTube, this talk will cover the sustainable route a single YouTube channel took to get started, grow and eventually hit millions of views per month, along with what it’s like to be a full-time YouTube Creator working on high-quality, low-volume uploads.


James Whomsley is the YouTube creator behind ProjectAir.

His content captivates audiences’ curiosity and interest as he delves deep into the world of DIY aerospace engineering – designing and assembling real-working rockets, small aircraft, boats and other vehicles.

Starting in 2017 with a small business development grant, James has been working in new media and content creation for five years. Now, it’s not uncommon for his videos to reach over 1M views.

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This session will take place in Performance 3, Metronome. Check ticket availability.