Friday 11 March  |  10am - 12pm | In person

Developing the narrative and executing a Tier 1 broadcast with FACEIT

Media Producer & Production Manager

Join our expert duo in a production masterclass covering the value and importance of storytelling in live broadcast. Working for esports giant FACE IT, we can't wait to hear about their experiences working on a range of high profile, Tier 1 events.


Simon Bond

Broadcast is my passion, pulling me in from the moment I was involved in my first show for an amateur league, and now my working on Tier 1 events. High-impact, emotional, entertaining shows are what I am to create, and taking deep-dives into the technical details behind the scenes is what makes me tick.

I specialise in creative direction, technical direction, talent development and stage management.

My career has been moulded by remote broadcast due to COVID, but the studio is where I come alive!

Reece Fowler

Experienced live broadcast Producer/Director in the television and video games industry, currently working as a Production Manager at Overlord Media and FaceIt.

Since joining FaceIt in 2014, I have worked on and produced many high profile shows. For the past six years I’ve been Producing the Esports Championship Series, one of the largest tournaments in esports history. I’ve also worked on Emmy-nominated ELEAGUE for Turner Sports, X Games Minneapolis invitational for ESPN and the Universal Open for NBC Sports.

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This session will take place in Performance3, Metronome.