Monday 6 March  |  12pm - 2pm | In person
Performance 2, Metronome

Rick Ahir

Professional Guitarist

Rick’s story is one of perseverance and talent. Learn what it’s like to be one of the most in demand session players around today: what personal, professional and technical skills you need to sustain a life in the studio and on the road as a gun for hire!


A veteran of the London scene and an in-demand player, Ahir has toured the world with the likes of James Arthur, David Guetta and Julian Perretta.

For over a decade, the Midlands-born guitarist has been on a non-stop rollercoaster of high-profile gigs and sessions, with a number of stadiums and TV gigs under his belt in the process.

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This session will take place in Performance 2, Metronome. Check ticket availability.