Wednesday 9 March  |  12pm - 2pm | In person

Sam Bowles

Creative Director

The Creative Director at design agency, STENCIL walks you through what a successful rebrand looks like, why they happen, and why refreshing a brand means there’s more to think about than starting with a blank sheet of paper.


Nottingham-born creative director Sam Bowles has been at the heart of branding and brand positioning projects for an eclectic list of clients. 

Working with brands in automotive, sport, broadcasting and food & drink, his function-first approach has underpinned many successful rebrands – and subsequent rollout strategies. 

Living proof that a fine art degree can actually be useful, he is a strong advocate for ‘the old ways’, such lying on the floor and sketching relentlessly, in the pursuit of that single element that can bring uniqueness to an identity.  

He established creative agency STENCIL with Andy Afford in 2016 with a distinct purpose, to give meaningful opportunities to raw creative talent.

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This session will take place in Performance2, Metronome.