Wednesday 8 March  |  2pm - 4pm | In person
Performance 3, Metronome

Shanil Kawol – 360 Workshop

360 Video Creator

Find out what a 360 camera is, how it works, and the creative potential it offers. In this hands-on workshop you'll explore five unique shots that can be captured using a 360 camera, filming your own shots and editing them using the Insta360 app.


Based in London, Shanil is best known for his beginner-friendly Youtube channel called “Best360”. It’s the best place on the internet to learn about 360 cameras.

Shanil helps companies learn how to use 360 cameras creatively to grow their business and he also helps people learn how to capture fun memories through unique and impossible angles. Whether you are new to 360, or video making in general, Shanil believes anyone can learn 360. Including you!

Check out Shanil’s YouTube channel.

Important: Sign-ups are only valid with your Confetti or NTU email. Compulsory group students do not need to book.

COMPULSORY GROUPS: CC22 to attend in person

This session will take place in Performance 3, Metronome. Check ticket availability.