Wednesday 9 March  |  10am - 12pm | In person

Si Tew

Founder & CEO Digit Music

Open to all students, find out how the creative industries are breaking down barriers to inclusion and how your future career path could contribute to greater opportunities and diversity in the industry.


At Confetti we’re committed to Championing Opportunity and Diversity.

In this session we’ll hear from founder and CEO of Digit Music on how he’s created a business that aims to break down barriers to inclusion in the creative industries, lifting the lid on their approach to inclusive music-making.

Digit Music are an award-winning record label, music performance and training provider, and they make music hardware and software. The company believes that anyone should be able to make music if they want to.

For the music lovers, Tew will explore how they design their instruments and how they approach teaching musical creativity so that can anyone can take part and benefit from music-making.

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COMPULSORY GROUPS: FS21-1, FS21-2 and QS20-1 to attend in person

This session will take place in Performance3, Metronome.