Wednesday 9 March  |  1pm - 4pm | In person

Simon Tew (workshop)

Founder / CEO

Whether you love playing music or simply like to trial alternative and adaptive technology, this workshop is made for you! During this interactive session, Simon will show you how to use a brand new award-winning inclusive digital instrument, Cmpsr.


Championing Opportunity and Diversity

Breaking down barriers to inclusion in the Creative Industries.

Digit Music are a record label, music performance and training provider, and we make music hardware and software.

We believe that anyone should be able to make music if they want to, so in this keynote we’ll lift the lid on our approach to inclusive music-making. We will explore how we design our instruments and how we approach teaching musical creativity so that can anyone can take part and benefit from music-making. 

We’ve recently created a brand new award-winning inclusive digital instrument, Cmpsr. Cmpsr instantly allows the player to create and participate with the sounds they enjoy. It connects to all digital music making programmes and can be used to compose, as a solo instrument or as part of an ensemble. It is fully accessible and comes with it’s own unique arrow notation system and resources.

Check out Jess Fisher’s performance (below) for BBC Introducing and Inspire Youth Arts’ event at Metronome, using Cmpsr!

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This session will take place in Rehearsal Room 9, Metronome.