Wednesday 8 March  |  2pm - 5pm | In person
Studio 2, Metronome

Songwriting: Camp B


Writer’s block is a nightmare. Sometimes within the music industry though, you have no choice but to write. In this hands-on workshop you'll be creating music under pressure.


In these sessions, we will be writing and producing a song for designated artist, which will then go on to be engineered and mixed in a follow up session.

Your lecturers will be guiding this session, each within their individual specialist role, and will demonstrate some approaches to working in an efficient manner. If you are looking for tips in crafting melodies, chord patterns or productions, these sessions will prove invaluable. Each year, these sessions get fully booked, and have ended up being a yearly tradition for Industry Week. Please email to express interest, detailing your relevant skills (eg topline/lyricist, keys, DAW)

Contextual studies poster exhibition

The history of the popular music industry is a rich and complex one. Genres and stylistic movements develop and fade over time, often in line with social or cultural changes. Level 5 Music Performance students at Confetti select a specific time period and musical movement to explore, from a variety of perspectives. This poster exhibit represents a mid-point in this process, and students will be presenting their current research in an engaging visual format. Feedback and interaction are hugely important in the development of research, and we would encourage anyone with an interest in these fields to join us, and meet our students for valuable discussion.

Creative investigation poster exhibition

As creative practitioners, we have the opportunity to entertain, to enlighten and to enliven. It is very easy to get lost in our work and not interrogate the reasons why people respond to our work in the way that they do. Level 6 Music Performance students at Confetti are encouraged to explore these factors, conducting a research project examining the relationship between a creative practitioner and those that experience their works. This poster exhibit is an opportunity to engage with this work, which is nearing completion. Our students will be present for discussion of their work, and, as with any work in progress, feedback and thoughts are invaluable. Please wander by and join us in this process.

Important: Please email to express interest, detailing your relevant skills (eg topline/lyricist, keys, DAW etc)

This session will take place in Studio 2, Metronome. Check ticket availability.