Thursday 10 March  |  11.30am - 12.30pm | In person

SSL presents ‘Getting a job in the industry’ (11.30am)

Senior Vice President

SSL are world leaders in audio products. Senior Vice President of international sales will be sharing top tips on how graduates can get a foot in the door after they leave Confetti.


James Mortley

I was sure I was going to be a rock star when I was 19. I still play, but now I’m 47 and live in the Costwolds (but do have a much better studio than I had at 19). However, I get paid to spend my days talking to people about the highest quality music-making equipment which, frankly, feels like a far more reliable and better-paid income stream than trying to make money from music. Especially now physical sales have dwindled so much and you get less than a penny per stream.

From trying to set up a music production business with help from the Prince’s Trust to designing products and managing a multi-million pound turnover I’ll share some stories, hacks and tricks about how a role in the manufacture/supply side of the industry doesn’t mean the end of your creative soul. Take home some suggestions for your CVs about how to stand out to people who actually decide who to hire. People like me. Bring good questions, you might win plugins.

IMPORTANT: This is open to HE Music students and to get a ticket , please email

This session will take place in Metronome Seminar.