Monday 08 March 2021
11am - 1pm

Ubisoft Panel Talk

What's it like working for one of the largest video game publishers the world? Find out in this panel discussion where we'll hear from three members of the team from Ubisoft.


Nick Starkey

Nicholas Starkey is a project assistant with over five years of experience at Ubisoft Blue Byte. He is currently working on the Ubisoft Connect project.

His current responsibilities include improving the workflows for teams through a work-tracking tool used at Ubisoft, as well as coordinating the releases for the Ubisoft Connect client.

Prior to landing his job at Ubisoft Blue Byte as a development tester on the game For Honor, he studied at Confetti!

Nick Starkey at Industry Week 2021

Emmanuel Arias-Soto

Emmanuel is a Computing and Informatics graduate from the University of Costa Rica.

He is passionate about video games, programming languages, and compilers, and currently works as a UI programmer for Ubisoft Düsseldorf on the Rainbow Six: Siege title.

Emanuel Arias-Soto at Industry Week 2021

Zo Sang Awi

Zo has over a decade of experience within the gaming industry starting at Blizzard in France before moving to Ubisoft, Germany.

She’s had experience in various roles from customer support and live events, to ecommerce and project management.

Prior to this, she had studied and worked in Manchester at Manchester Academy and Lloyds TSB.

Zosand Awi at Industry Week 2021