Thursday 11 March 2021
10.30am - 12.30pm

Vicky Elwick: STENCIL Workshop

How to design a magazine in real-time:? An introduction to Adobe Indesign, and how we use it in the industry. A run through publication design, setup, various design tools, methods and print practices by Vicky Elwick, Art Director at STENCIL creative agency.


Vicky is art director at Nottingham-based creative agency STENCIL, whose work centers around brand-focused design and communication, grounded in real-world experience.

With a decade of industry experience to draw on, Vicky oversees STENCIL’s younger designers, including the highly talented Confetti placement students who are currently learning the ropes as part of the STENCIL team. She leads on digital projects as well day-to-day design needs for the agency’s longest-standing clients.

Vicky is a graduate of De Montford University’s Graphic Design and Photography course and has progressed up the creative ladder from an internship position as artworker; to full-time designer and now the senior position of art director.

Her work to date includes a mixture of print, digital and social projects, integrated with extensive experience in photography. She strongly believes collaboration and quality communication – along with nurturing talent – creates powerful and exciting creative teams.

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