Tuesday 8 March  |  4pm - 10pm | In person

Confetti Fighters Championship

With competitors from all courses and all walks of life, who will be this year's Confetti Fighters Champion? The answer lies...in the heart of battle.


We’re proud to announce the 10th annual fighters tournament at Confetti. Formerly known as the Confetti King of Iron Fist, the Confetti Fighters Championship (CFC) is a celebration of the most popular and greatest fighting games in esports. This year the fight cycle has landed on Street Fighter 5.

As this is a special year for us at Confetti, with the unveiling and grand opening of Confetti X around the corner, we will be putting on a full scale production for this event with our Esports Production students at the heart of the event management and broadcast production.

Prizes for this year are:

  • First place:  £100 voucher
  • Second: £75 voucher
  • Third: £50 voucher

Off of the mainstage and into the bar and atrium; whether you’re into football, racing, VR, board games, handheld, or just want to have a social with some good food and custom cocktails, get involved.

IMPORTANT: Students must sign up to take part.

This session will take place in the Venue, Metronome.