Friday 8 March  |  5pm - 10pm | In person
Confetti X

Confetti Fighters Championship

With competitors from all courses and all walks of life, who will be this year's Confetti Fighters Champion? The answer the heart of battle.


Battle lines are drawn for the 12th Annual Confetti Fighters Championship, as the most prestigious competition in Confetti’s history makes its triumphant return!

Featuring Street Fighter 6, this Industry Week, 32 players from across Confetti will go head-to-head to determine who is the greatest warrior in our world and whose course produces champions.

With the Main Event on stage in Confetti X, a range of the most popular fighting titles and refreshments in the Confetti X Atrium, this promises to be a night full of memory and opportunity.

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COMPULSORY GROUPS: BSc Esports Production Year 1

This session will take place in Confetti X.