I’ve booked a ticket, what next?

After you’ve booked a ticket through Eventbrite, you’ll receive an email confirmation with guidance on how to access the talk on the day.

Don’t worry if you lose that email. We’re sending out booking reminders on the day of the event and you can also head back to the Eventbrite page of the event through the website and find your way to the online webinar.

Once you make it onto Zoom just fill in your name and email address and you’re good to go.

Do I need to book events that are compulsory to my group?

Yes, in order to access the online webinars you will need to book through Eventbrite even if you are part of a compulsory group.

I have received my email confirmation, but no details on how to access the talk?

A handful of our talks are pre-recorded or require Microsoft Teams. If your Eventbrite email confirmation doesn’t contain a link to Zoom webinar, you will receive an email with advice on how to access your event closer to the day.

What platform are you using to broadcast the talks?

Most of our talks will be broadcast live via Zoom, or accessible via Microsoft Teams. For any talks that are open to the general public, these broadcasts will be streamed from the IW21 website via Twitch.

If I miss a talk, will it be available to watch On Demand?

Some talks will be available to watch after the live broadcast. They’ll be accessible via the IW21 website’s OnDemand section, which will be going live just before Industry Week starts.

Can I invite a friend to a live talk who isn’t studying at Confetti?

Unless the talk is advertised as being open to the general public, only Confetti staff and students (or our partners, where applicable) will be able to access a talk.

Our guests are giving up their time to share their insights and expertise to help our students, so it’s important that you don’t share an event link.

I don’t study at Confetti but I’d really like to watch a talk – is that possible?

Some of our talks will be available either to watch live or OnDemand. We’ll make it clear which talks those are. If you’re from one of our partners, we’ll be in touch with more information.

I’m a student at Confetti, are there compulsory talks?

Yes, you will need to attend certain events. If you’re not sure about your compulsory events, please talk to your tutor.

We have guests from across the globe this year – some of the biggest names in industry – so make sure you don’t miss out.

I’m a student at Confetti, can I watch any of the talks?

Yes you can. The creative industries is a collaborative community, and Confetti is no different. If you’ve got a clash with talks, don’t worry – a lot of our talks will be available to watch On Demand.

What’s the format of the events?

The majority of the events will be talks and interviews, with a chance for you to ask questions – make sure you do your research!

We also have some games, challenges and workshops – check out the event details on the What’s On pages.

Can I record any of the events?

No. Anyone watching a live broadcast are politely asked not to record any footage for personal use or to share.

We have some amazing industry guests come to visit us every year, and that’s thanks to our relationship with them. We have worked hard to secure these experts for our students.