Masterclasses & Talks

Watch guests from previous Industry Weeks delivering brilliant talks for Confetti’s student community, covering everything from their careers, their best stories from the world of work, and their favourite things about their industries.

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Sister Bliss @ IW23

One of the most successful British dance music artists of the past 25 years, Ayalah Bentovim AKA Sister Bliss is the musical force behind Faithless.

Chris Macchi

A rare chance to find out what it’s like to work with some of the world’s biggest content creators on YouTube!

Don Letts

Don is a walking storybook: from working with The Clash, Sex Pistols and Bob Marley, to being a renowned documentary maker and DJ, Don has stories for days..

An interview with Richard Perrotta - Experience and teaching methods

We sit down with Confetti Games Art lecturer, Richard Perrotta to talk about his career working for the likes of Marvel Comics, and how he hopes to use those experiences to help Confetti students achieve their goals.

Russell T Davies

Confetti students were treated to an intimate talk from one of the UK’s most prolific screenwriters and TV producers whose successes include It’s a Sin and Doctor Who.

Becky Hill & Alex Martin

A rare chance to hear artist and manager together, exploring their relationship that makes a career tick.

Julia Hardy

In 2021 we  welcomed one of the most renowned and respected hosts in the world of video games, and music and entertainment.

Tony Visconti

The music legend gave students an insight into working with talent such as David Bowie, Damon Albarn, Manic Street Preachers and Morrissey. Hosted by Adam Buxton.

Paul Campion

From his work on Kingsman: The Secret Service, to his own concept art and directing, Paul talks illustration and film directing.

Trevor Horn

The Grammy and Brit award-winning music producer beamed in from London to treat our students to an inspiring two-hour talk about his career. Often referred to as “the man who invented the eighties”, his insightful session included his top five tips for making it as an artist.

Brenda and John Romero

Without the work of John and Brenda Romero there wouldn’t be a gaming industry as we know it. This was unmissable chance to hear directly from the duo and they didn’t disappoint!

Jon Holmes

Want to forge a career as a VFX artist/supervisor or colourist? Check out this talk delivered by Holmes in 2021.

Marcus Marritt

From designing the front cover of the world-famous FA Cup final programme to working on science & tech publications and collaborating with beer companies, Marritt’s portfolio is diverse and extensive.

Sam Cooke

Ever wondered what it takes to run a successful esports business? Sam’s the man!

Jon Burgerman

Brooklyn-based artist and NTU alumnus Jon Burgerman dialled into Industry Week to chat to Confetti students, and we even got to a special VIP of his studio!

Steve Albini

An interview with one of the world’s most outspoken producers and recording engineers that met all expectations.

Andy Davis

The Industry Week veteran delivers another session filled with great tips and tricks.

Linda Perry

The producer and songwriter is music royalty. The BBC’s Dean Jackson caught up with the 4 Non Blondes lead singer, as she beamed in from her studio in the US.

Mandy Parnell

Confetti students got the low-down on the art of mastering from one of the UK’s best mastering engineers.

Stephen Graham

One of the UK’s best-loved actors Stephen Graham talked candidly to film critique Simran Hans about his career, which has seen him star in This Is England, The Irishman, Snatch and The Virtues.

Marta Salongi

This world class engineer, who has worked with some of the biggest acts in the world, spent time critiquing Confetti student tracks. A great session to watch.

Sylvia Massy

We went behind the scenes to learn what it’s like to be an in-demand audio expert.

Mastering the Confetti single

A masterclass in mastering the Confetti Single – The Crying Violets – Broken Dreams Club – by John P Braddock.

Andrew Scheps

Back in December, we invited Grammy Award-winning producer and mix engineer Andrew Scheps to critique mixes sent in from our Music students.

Jeremy Pritchard

IW20 saw bass playing demon, Jeremy Pritchard talking to Confetti students about life as a touring and recording musician with Everything Everything and Foals.

Paul Adam

Songwriter, music manager and former director of A&R at Polydor Records, Paul Adam, offered students some fantastic advice when he was interviewed by the BBC’s Dean Jackson at IW20.

Tana Douglas

‘The first female roadie’. Douglas shares what it was really like working with music legends including ACDC, Iggy Pop, The Police, Elton John and Carlos Santana. Plus, her thoughts on how things have changed in the touring world.

Alessio Cavatore

The games designer joined us at IW20 to deliver a fascinating talk on designing games for smart speakers and other emerging technologies.

Portico Quartet

BBC’s Dean Jackson interviews Portico Quartet. From busking on the Southbank in London, to getting their first agent and being signed, the instrumental group give viewers a real insight into the music industry.

Will Becher

Aardman Director and Animator, Will Becher treated students to a “cracking” talk on all things Aardman during IW20 – from Wallace & Grommit, to Shaun the Sheep!

Susan Rogers

There are very few people on the planet who have such insight into the working process of a genius. Rogers is one and she shared that insight with our students, as well as dipping into her more recent work in academia looking at the function of music.